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Raising Turkeys

"If you are thinking of raising turkeys on your farm or homestead, there are specific things that you need to know.  Raising turkeys can be very rewarding, but there are some things to consider."

"Turkeys require different fencing, housing, and pastures than chickens. They need a warm, secure shelter to roost in."


"Several specific turkey feeds are formulated to feed them through the several growth stages and prepare the turkeys for the market."

Feeding Turkeys

"The fencing should be as high as possible, at least four feet. Turkeys can and will fly; to prevent this, you could also trim the wing feathers of rogue flyers."


"Other than the usual predators we might think of, you must protect your turkeys from rats. They have been known to injure turkeys by biting them when the turkeys sleep."

Keep Rats Out

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