Ultimate Guide

to Raising


"This exotic dual-purpose bird is easy to raise and profitable to own.  Raising quail for eggs and meat is gaining popularity day by day."

"Quail meat and eggs can be sold at farmer's markets and to high-end restaurants.  Breeding quail can be profitable when the offspring can be sold to hunting or nature preserves for wildlife release."

Why Raise Quail?

"Quail are small wildfowl that can easily be raised in a backyard cage in urban areas. Unlike chickens, most city ordinances don't restrict raising quail."

How to Raise Quail?

"Coturnix is the most recommended breed to raise. They are good egg producers, can also be raised for meat, and are easy to look after."

Select the Breed

"You can raise six quail in the same space required for raising a chicken. If you plan to raise quails commercially, then the numbers will be higher."

Quail Housing Options

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