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to Raising Goats

"Goats are a wonderful addition to a homestead or small farm. If you want to keep something a little larger than a chicken but not as expensive as a cow, goats are a great option."

"Getting goats is a big step. You need to be prepared financially and make sure you have the time, equipment, and resources to raise them and take care of them properly."

How to Prepare for Getting Goats

"Do you want to produce meat and milk for you and your family, or would you like to sell your dairy products? Your answers will determine which goat breeds you should consider..."

Raising Goats for Milk or Meat

"Goats are very social animals. It is always best to raise two goats together. On their own, they get lonely and vocal. Get two from the same herd so that they are accustomed to each other's company."

How Many Goats to Start With?