To Raising

"Raising young donkeys is a challenging but rewarding journey. Donkey foals are among the most adorable, fluffiest little balls of equine cuteness."

"Only standard or giant breed jennies and geldings are suitable for use as livestock and foals will one day be responsible for guarding. "

What Are You Going To Use Your Donkey For?

"Donkeys may be used to help people cope with anxiety, depression, or even more complex conditions such as Autism and Asperger's."

Raising Donkeys as Therapy Animals and Pets

"Although less popular than horses and mules, donkeys nonetheless make surefooted, hardy riding and pack animals."

Raising Donkeys as Riding Animals

"All other donkeys do best when given companionship. Ideally, this should be other donkeys, but horses and sheep can do in a pinch."

Does Your Donkey Need Friends?

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