11 Types of Milk that Can Be Used for


In making cheese, perhaps the most important ingredient to consider is milk. The type of dairy used in producing cheese can affect its overall texture and flavor. There are 11 types of milk to choose from.

Chocolate Milk If you’re looking for something more interesting and unique, why not try chocolate milk? While it may sound strange, making cheese out of chocolate milk is certainly doable.

Cow Milk Cow’s milk is the most common type of dairy that is used in making cheese. It is about 87% water, and the fat content is around 3.5% to 5%.

Goat Milk Goat’s milk is a better option for those that are suffering from lactose intolerance because it is easier to digest compared to other dairy types.

If you are able to successfully make your own homemade cheese, you can try and experiment with other types of milk that can be tricky to use in order to boost your skills.