Farm Equipment

11 Types of

"Farming is intense work that takes a lot of effort. Thankfully, many of the manual labor jobs done by humans can now be accomplished with machines."

"These large, powerful machines make all sorts of farming jobs possible and easy. On a tractor, you can mow pastures, plow fields, pull loads, and various other things."


"Every farmer needs a good pickup truck to load hay, carry tools, and use as a get-around car. Trucks are great on farms because they usually sit higher on their wheels than sedans."

Farm Trucks

"ATVs are like the modern version of the horse. In generations past, farmers would hop on a horse whenever they needed to check out parts of their farms that weren’t accessible by truck."


"Balers are a must-have for farmers who harvest straw, corn, hay, and anything else that needs to go into storage."


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