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"Cheese sandwiches are often the first meal kids learn to prepare themselves and something they never forget... you should consider diversifying your cheeses to sample the various cheese flavors in sandwich form."

"Mild or medium block cheddar cheese often melts faster than the crumbly or sharp, clothbound cheddar blocks, which are usually oily and waxy."

Cheddar Cheese

"Mozzarella cheese is suitable for any cheese sandwich. Fresh mozzarella cheese has a soft, buttery texture with elevated water content, thereby becoming runny instead of gooey as the cheese melts."

Mozzarella Cheese

"Pepper Jack cheese is primarily a Monterey Jack cheese with red pepper added. It has the profile of a creamy texture and buttery taste"

Pepper Jack Cheese

"This is also an Italian cheese made of cow's milk. It is quite soft and melts well, perfect for a gooey and stringy cheese pull at the table."


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