Turkeys in Winter

 What They Eat and Where They Live

Have you ever wondered how a non-migratory bird like the turkey adapts to winter? You see, a lot of wild birds fly “south” for the winter, not the turkey though. While he may stay out of higher elevations when winter comes, the turkey is not a migratory bird. This means that they have to adapt to cold and snow. So what do turkeys eat in winter and where do they live? Let’s have a look at that question.

Acorns Crabapples Plants Berries Hazelnuts

During winter wild turkeys eat:

Where Turkeys Live During Winter

Turkeys don’t have thick fur so it is only natural to wonder how they make it through winter. A big key to that is fat. During spring, summer and fall, they build up a supply of fat by foraging on naturally occurring fruits, nuts, berries and plants.

Where Wild Turkeys Sleep

Wild turkeys sleep in the branches of trees at night. This behavior is called roosting and helps protect them at night from ground dwelling predators such as coyotes.

How to Encourage Turkeys To Stick Around During Winter

Humans should not interfere with nature’s processes, especially during winter. That means not only should you not feed wild animals, you should especially not feed them during winter.