9 Things to Put Cream Cheese On for Tasty Treats

You turn to cream cheese snacks because cream cheese is mildly sweet in and of itself, and can be sweet depending on what you pair it with.

Well, get ready to be inspired, because if you read on you’ll find tons of refined-sugar-free, healthy, whole food ideas for crave-curbing snacks and filling breakfasts!

Made with a cream cheese dill dip, cucumber sandwiches have a strong flavor that pairs well with the mild, watery taste of cucumber.

Cucumber Sandwiches

This filling achieves its aim—thick cream cheese mixed with the turkey’s protein? You’ll be happily stuffed after a few bites!

Stuffed Cream Cheese Turkey Rolls

Simply make the same cream cheese and raw honey mixture as before, instead of spreading it on pieces of bread, pipe it into the hole. You’ll get a sweet, creamy experience with every bite!

Stuffed Strawberries