6 Signs a Pig Is Pregnant

Being a first-time pig farmer can be confusing, as you may not know what signs of pig pregnancy to look out for.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go through expensive tests to determine if you have a pregnant pig. Our detailed guide covers some of the common signs of pregnancy in pigs.

The estrous cycle takes 21 days. That gives you enough time to attempt breeding after a few weeks when the pig goes into heat.

Changes in the Estrous Cycle

Weight gain is the only noticeable sign of pregnancy for the first 100 days. Experienced farmers can detect this change 30 days from farrowing (giving birth).

Weight Gain

In the early stages of a pig’s pregnancy, you’ll notice an increased appetite. However, for the last weeks of pregnancy, her appetite will be even greater as her body doesn’t produce fat, and the available fat is turned into milk for the young ones.

Increase in Appetite