13 Signs a Donkey  Is Pregnant

The early signs of pregnancy in donkeys are typically less evident than the late signs. But even at that, you can tell a jennet is pregnant early enough if you know what to look for.

Once you familiarize yourself with some of these signs, you can spot a pregnant donkey quickly and prepare accordingly.

Weight Gain

When a jennet is pregnant, the weight gained concentrates in the lower abdominal area.  Also, the bulge of a donkey pregnancy is uneven; one side looks bigger than the other.

Early Pregnancy Signs in Donkeys


While your pregnant jennet can become restless when pregnant, it may also become calm and less active.

Late Pregnancy Signs in Donkeys

Appetite Changes

As the pregnancy progresses, a jennet will most likely lose its appetite. This reduced desire for food may partly be due to estrogen hormones.