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Sheep Names for Your Flock

So you have decided to buy some sheep! You have conquered the first step towards embarking down the fabulous journey of ovine ownership. Whether you have purchased a bottle baby or two, or a full grown adult, the next step is deciding on a name (or names…I won’t judge). Choosing a name for your sheep doesn’t have to be hard. I have tons of ideas to help get you started!

Names for Fluffy White Sheep

Angel Blanca (white in Spanish) Blizzard

Cute Names for Black Sheep

Bear Blackberry Blackjack

Awesome Names for Black and White Sheep

Ace (like Ace of Spades) Badger Chocolate Chip

Cool Names for Brown Sheep

Amber Bean Bear

Funny Names for Sheep

Angus (for a black sheep) Captain Floof Chewbacca

Sheep Names for Pairs

Cookies and Cream Ebony and Ivory Haggis and McMutton 

What will you name your sheep?