Rinsing Rice

After Cooking

Can You?  Should You?

"Cooking the perfect rice is such a fine art that a whole gadget has been designed to do it well. But many people who don’t own rice cookers are still left uncertain about the whole process."

"No, it is not a good idea to rinse rice when you have finished cooking it. Rice should be boiled with just enough water in the pan to ensure that the grains are perfectly cooked, with no excess at the end."

Should You Rinse Rice  After Cooking?

"Your rice has a lot of water in it by the time it has finished cooking, so you don’t want to be adding more. Rinsing does not provide any benefits, so there is absolutely no reason to do it."

Why Shouldn’t You Rinse Rice After Cooking?

"Interestingly, it is a good idea to rinse the rice before you cook it, and you’ll find that most packets of rice recommend this."

Should You Rinse Rice  Before Cooking?

"Rinsing your rice helps to wash away some of the starch that clings to the outsides of the grains. This will make them fluffier and improve the flavor, and it may also make the rice smell nicer once it has cooked."

Why Should You Rinse Rice Before Cooking?