Figuring Out the Right Size for Your Chicken Coop

If you’re planning on having chickens at home, you need to make sure you have an environment that is favorable to raising healthy birds. The first thing you want to consider is a coop.

What is a Chicken Coop?

It’s a structure that provides shelter to the birds from the weather and predators. Chickens are sound sleepers. They need to have a safe housing space.

Some of the factors to determine a coop's design and size are flock age, climate, season, and free-range garden time.

Nests are a crucial aspect of your coop. They should be at least 10 inches tall and wide. Experts recommend building deep nests, with no direct sunlight exposition, for hens to go in to feel safe.

A chicken coop doesn’t need to be complicated. Chickens are active animals but also need to be confined for several reasons. Make sure they are not stuffed in small areas since it’s detrimental to their health and inhumane.