7 Reasons to Use

a Goat Sleeping Platform

(and 3 ways to build one)

Do you have goats? Have you seen other goat farmers with goat sleeping platforms? You may have wondered if your goats need a goat sleeping platform.

But really, why do some farmers use sleeping platforms and is it really something that would be useful for your goats?

As goats age, they develop stiff muscles that cause them discomfort. You should help your aged goats by giving them a sleeping platform.

Necessary for Aged Goats

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If you are raising fiber goats, it is useful to build a sleeping platform. Without a sleeping platform, their fleece will become dirty and fall easily.

Necessary for Fiber Goats

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As you already know, goats love climbing. As browsers, goats love to climb. This is why a goat prefers to eat the leaves of a shrub while standing on grass.

Goats Love Climbing

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