"Raising ducklings can be a fun and exciting adventure. Ducks tend to be friendly and they enjoy playing in small bodies of water and waddling around your farm with you."

"Knowing the differences between the most common breed of ducks is important in determining which one is right for your backyard flock."

Choosing the Right Duck Breed

"Finding ducklings is not as difficult as you may think. While you may have never noticed them before, there are probably ducklings available for sale somewhere near you.."

Where to Buy Ducklings

"A brooder is the heated area where ducklings and chicks are raised until their feathers come in fully. It will keep them warm and safe from predators."

Brooder Setup for Ducklings

"While your ducklings are still growing and living in the brooder, you should start getting their future outdoor home ready."

Outdoor Duck Area Setup