9 Types of Quilt Hangers and How They Work

If you have a beautiful quilt, you can make sure it is displayed using the best racks and stands. There are many types of quilt racks to match your home, style, and quilts.

You will find great racks that you can use to display your quilt without damaging it in the process.

The ladder option is very affordable too since you don’t have to spend money on a specific quilt rack—any ladder will do.

Ladder Rack

Whenever you want the quilt to be displayed on the arm rack, pull the arm rack so that it is perpendicular to the wall. Fold the quilt, and drape it over the arm.

Arm Racks

Quilt clips work in the same way as laundry clips that hold your clothes on the laundry line. This simplistic design makes quilt clips incredibly easy and intuitive.

Quilt Clips