How to Tell if Zucchini Is Bad?

How can you tell if zucchini is bad so you do not eat it? Bad zucchinis are easy to recognize if you examine their smell, texture, and weight before tasting.

The Zucchini is Squishy and Soft Zucchini should feel hard and firm. It should not be soft and squishy because squishy zucchini is no longer fresh..

The Zucchini Has Mold The sight of mold means that fungi have been acting on the fruit inside and are ready to spread to other hosts. You do not need to examine the inside of moldy fruits, just dispose of them.

Best Ways to Store Zucchini There are some ways to store your zucchinis so they last longer

Zucchini is indeed a useful squash and a terrific addition to various meals. o know what a bad zucchini looks like, remember to make use of the tips