How to Tell if Squash Is Bad

Who does not always want fresh, sweet squash? How can you tell if squash is bad so that you can avoid eating it? You can tell that squash is bad through its look, texture, smell, and taste.

How Can You Tell if Squash Is Bad?

The Squash Has Mold  As soon as you can see that there is mold on your squash, just know that the squash is no longer edible as fungi are already decomposing it from the inside.

The Squash Has a Rotten Smell Squash that has gone beyond saving or eating will have a rotten smell. The smell is unpleasantly foul or pungent depending on how long you have kept the squash.

Avoid Washing the Fruits Pouring water on your squash leads to quick oxidation as water is made of oxygen. This is why you may notice that wet fruits spoil quickly.

How to Store Squash

Store the Squash in an Airtight Container Fungi need oxygen to decompose your squash, so storing your squash in an airtight container will help the squash to last longer.