How to Tell if

Sour Cream is Bad

"Sour cream is an excellent topping for many different foods. However, one of the major drawbacks of sour cream is that it doesn't have a long shelf life."

"Typically, mold growth on your cream is a sure sign it's not fresh. You can also go by smell or taste. When it turns sour or curdles, it's no longer good."

How Do You Know When  Sour cream is bad?

"Sour cream is only good for several days to a week at most after you open a new container. The more you can do to reduce air exposure, the longer it will stay fresh."

How Long is Sour Cream Good for After Opening?

"Hopefully, nothing will happen! Eating bad sour cream doesn't guarantee you'll get sick, but it certainly increases the chances of food poisoning."

What Happens if You Eat Bad  Sour Cream?