How to Tell if

Garlic is Bad

Garlic is a nutrient-rich root that is popular all over the world. Even though this root is rich in antioxidants and has a lot of medicinal uses, it can go bad if you do not store it well.

You can tell that your garlic is bad when it feels soft and mushy, it has yellow or brown spots inside, there are insects inside, or you can see mold growing on it.

How can you tell if your  Garlic is bad?

1. Do not pull off the Cloves

The Best Ways to Store  Raw Garlic

2. Leave the Garlic in an Open Room

3. Leave the Garlic in its Pack

4. Keep the Garlic in a Freezer

The shelf life of garlic depends on the way you preserve it.

For How Long Does  Garlic Last?