How to Tell if

Chicken is Bad?

Eating borderline spoiled food is one thing. Eating bad chicken, whether it’s raw or sitting in the fridge too long, can cause serious illness.

If there is any noticeable mold, discoloration, or it smells funky, throw it in the trash. Things can’t be that bad in your fridge or pantry. At worst, eat some crackers or go out for dinner. It’s not worth the risk of food poisoning.

When is Cooked Chicken Bad?

The best way to tell if the raw chicken is bad is to smell it. You’ll sense a sweet, sour scent when you bring the raw chicken close.

When is Raw Chicken Bad?

When this happens, you’re usually OK. However, when there is consensus around a funky smell, that’s when you should take things seriously.

Chicken Smells Funny But  Still in Date?

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