How to Tell if

Cheese is Bad?

"It’s hard to tell when some cheese is rotten. Others are easier because we use them all the time."

Knowing When Cheese is Rotten

"Have you ever had blue cheese or something like Camembert? Once you move outside of the mainstream cheeses, you can start to get into some funky stuff that isn’t for everyone."

Some Cheese is Supposed  to Smell

"Not much is likely to happen if you eat expired cheese unless it’s incredibly stale or moldy. You might get a stomachache or experience mild symptoms, but you should be fine."

What Happens if We Eat  Expired Cheese?

"Cheese can last for several weeks in the fridge. Of course, if you open the packaging, it speeds up how soon it will start to go bad, but even then, it should last quite a while..."

How Long Does Cheese Last  in the Fridge?

"You want to control the temperature, prevent moisture, and air exposure with cheese. Keeping cheese covered is a terrific way to help it last for weeks or even months in the fridge."

How to Keep Cheese Fresh  for Longer?