How to Tell if

Carrots are Bad

"Carrots are an extremely healthy vegetable that can be used in many ways. They are great as snacks or an addition to a lot of recipes."

"Regular carrots that have gone bad will have visible mold growing on the surface. Mold goes deep into the food so if you see mold on the carrots, they should be thrown away immediately."

Are My Carrots Bad?

"Baby carrots have the same signs as regular carrots when they go bad. But baby carrots spoil faster than full-size carrots because they don’t have any protective skin on them."

How to Tell if Baby Carrots  are Bad?

"Cooked carrots spoil more easily than raw carrots. Cooked carrots that have a bad odor mean that they have gone bad."

How to Tell if Cooked Carrots  are Bad?

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