How to Tell if an

Egg is Bad

"Knowing if an egg is bad will help you avoid eating anything that will make you sick or spoil the rest of what you’re cooking."

"Eggs are fragile. They need a lot of care; otherwise, they’re easily spoiled. Thankfully, their fragility makes it easier to spot when they start to go bad."

Signs Your Eggs are Bad

"Raw eggs should last for weeks before they go bad. However, farm-fresh eggs or eggs you get from your chickens in the backyard may not last as long..."

How Long Do Raw Eggs Last?

"Most egg sellers will stamp expiration dates on their packaging to make things easier. This helps consumers know approximately how much time they have to cook the eggs."

Look for an Expiration Date

"Rotten eggs are slimy and have a way of sticking to utensils and bowls. Give everything a thorough cleaning before you start breaking new eggs."

Cleaning Kitchenware After a Bad Egg