How to Tell if an

Avocado is Bad

"Avocados are one of the more complex fruits to tell when they’ve gone bad. They’re expensive too, so most people want to buy them at the right time and ensure they eat them before they start turning south."

"Usually, the best way to tell if an avocado is bad is by looking for obvious signs of rot or if it feels incredibly mushy when you press on the skin."

How Can You Tell if an  Avocado is Bad?

"If the skin is black, it’s either a sign that the avocado is much too ripe or bad. Either way, you should avoid buying black avocados because there’s a good chance they’ve spoiled."

Dark Skin

"Of course, whenever you smell something rotten or sour from an avocado, it’s best to avoid it. This goes for both closed and opened fruit."

Foul Smells

A good avocado will have a smooth, creamy texture. Many people make the mistake of cutting their avocados open too soon. You get home from the store eager to eat them, but they’re not ready yet!

Texture Issues

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