How to Tell If a

Peach is Bad

"Who does not love the sweet taste and smell of peaches? When it is peach season, you get to eat a lot of peaches. Remember to check your peaches as they ripen so that you do not eat some that have gone bad."

"One of the easiest ways to separate good and bad peaches is their smell. A peach without any smell will have no taste. A peach with a sweet aroma will have a good taste. As for bad peaches, they will smell rotten or sour."

From the Smell

"Bad peaches often have bruises or dark stains that are very noticeable. If the peach (especially the inside) does not look appealing to you, do not eat it."

From the Appearance

"Whether it is rotting or not, any peach with a bad taste is a rotten peach. Peaches have a sweet flavor, so if your peach does not taste sweet, it has gone bad.

Bad Taste

"Another way to tell if your peach is bad or not is by its weight. Good edible peaches are heavier than bad ones."

The Peach Weighs Less Than Normal

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