How to Tell if a

Hard-Boiled Egg is Bad

"A hard-boiled egg will usually last around one week in the fridge after you boil it. It will have an even shorter shelf life if you keep it somewhere, like the countertop, where it’s at room temperature."

"...a rotten boiled egg smells foul. If left to sit for too long, it will stink up and leave a foul smell in your refrigerator or kitchen."

Signs Your Boiled Eggs are Bad

"Boiled eggs usually last around a week after you cook them. You can boil several at once and keep them in their egg carton in the fridge if you’re going to be eating them soon."

How Long Do Boiled Eggs Last?

"If you’re cooking many eggs at once, you can freeze them to keep them for longer than a week. When freezing boiled eggs, it’s typically best to keep the yolks inside the egg whites."

Can Boiled Eggs Be Frozen?