How to

Remove Ticks

from Cows

5 Effective Solutions

Raising cows is fun and easy until your cows are sick and you don’t know what to do. One common way cows can get sick is when they have parasites such as nematodes, mites, ticks, etc.

Ticks are arachnids in the Acari subclass. They have a large and round abdominal and they burrow their head deeply in the skin of animals (and sometimes people).

What are Ticks?

Cows can get ticks. The most common tick species found on cows is the Asian Blue Tick (Rhipicephalus microplus). This tick species is found on a wide range of livestock.

Can Cows get Ticks?

The use of tweezers is by far the easiest, safest, and most common method of removing ticks from your cows. When pulling out the tick, make sure that you carefully remove the head of the tick as well.

Use a Pair of Tweezers

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