How Much Is A Cow?

(What Do Cows Cost?)

If you are looking to become a new proud cow owner, you may be wondering what the best cow for you is.

So, cows can be pretty expensive, but what can you expect a cow to cost you annually? What is the best beef cow breed to buy? What is the best dairy cow breed to buy? Let us find out.

How Much Does A Cow Cost?

The cost of a cow can be determined by a few factors such as the gender of the cow, the cows' weight, as well as the breed of the specific cow.

The Worth of a Cow-Calf

How much a calf will cost you depends on two factors, these are the size of the calf as well as the weight of the calf.

The Worth of a Beef Cow

The average cost of a beef heifer is generally around $2,800 for an individual cow, but they can range between $2,500 and $3000 per cow.