How Much Do  Pheasants Cost?

Raising pheasants is a profitable business if done correctly. Game birds are always in high demand.

You can buy pheasant eggs at $250 for 360 eggs, pheasant chicks at $5.00-$7.50 depending on the age, or adult pheasants at $10.75-$16.00 each to use as breeders.

Pheasants can be raised on small acreage and, as it is seasonal, they can offer you a good balance to other farming activities.

Buying Pheasant Chicks

A pair of breeding pheasants costs upwards of $45; rarer birds like Siamese Firebacks are at the top of the range and the most difficult to breed and cost $550.00 per pair

Buying Adult Breeding Pheasants

If you want to rather try your hand at rearing pheasant chicks, you can buy pheasant hatching eggs in large quantities that will lower the cost.

Hatching Pheasant Eggs