How Far Should Countertops Overhang

"If you are in the beginning stages of planning and pricing your dream kitchen (no contractor hired yet) or if you have decided to go the DIY route, there are certain things you have to consider."

"You have probably never noticed the length of the countertop overhangs in your own house or your friends' houses unless these overhangs were too long or too short."

"For standard countertops, the recommended average overhang length is 1-1.5" as measured from the base of the cupboards and not the cupboard doors."

Standard Countertop  Overhang Lengths

"The first function is that overhangs prevent spills and crumbs from falling into your draws and cupboards. The second function of countertop overhangs is to provide foot space for the person working at the counter."

What Is The Function Of A  Countertop Overhang?

"If you make your overhang shorter, you will lose the basic functionality provided by the overhang, i.e., preventing spills and crumbs from falling into your drawers and cupboards and giving room for your feet."

Consequences Of Too Short And  Too Long Countertop Overhangs