Show Affection?

Researchers have known for years that sheep express emotions but they’re often depicted as stoic animals. Are sheep affectionate? Well, they aren’t like dogs. They aren’t even like cats. 

Sheep just show affection in a much more muted fashion than many other domesticated animals. They like to stick together for protection and to feel secure. 

Sheep Expressing Affection

When your sheep are happy, they will have their ears back and look relaxed. Spending time with your sheep is the best way to tell if they are happy.

How to Spot a Happy Sheep

Generally, whether forward or backward, your sheep’s ears should move symmetrically. If they are out of sync, it’s likely a sign of distress. 

Another sign of affection is if your sheep get hyper and start behaving excitedly when you’re around. If your sheep starts doing little hops or running circles when you're around, you can take that as a sign of affection.