17 Best Horse Breeds for Dressage

Dressage is a type of horseback riding where the rider uses specialized training techniques to improve the horse's natural balance and grace.

Some of the best dressage horses are bred specifically for this discipline, so if you're interested in dressage, make sure you're considering a horse that's designed for it.

The Holsteiner breed is known for its agility, good balance, and responsiveness. These characteristics are evident in the Holsteiner's ability to perform advanced movements in dressage, such as leg-yields, piaffe, and passage.


Thoroughbreds and thoroughbred crosses can be a great option for dressage horses. Their size and body type makes them powerful enough for advanced maneuvers, and their athleticism makes them a good choice for dressage competition.


Andalusians have been specifically bred to be very athletic which makes them able to perform advanced dressage movements with accuracy, suppleness, and responsiveness to the rider's directions.