Best Horse Breeds for Beginners

Irish Draught Horse

They were developed by crossbreeding the Irish Hobby breed and Norman horses with a few other breeds like the European drafts, warmblood breeds, and The Iberians (also known as The Andalusians).

This breed is beginner-friendly due to its calm personality. They have a powerful stride and are agile, making it easier for new riders to mount and ride them. Plus, they can adapt to different situations, are easy to train, and tend to be very reliable.

The American Paint Horse

The American Paint Horse is a muscular and athletic breed with strong hindquarters, sturdy chest, and stable frame with a low center of gravity.

They easily bond with people, especially children and people who are friendly to them, which would make them a good companion and a loyal breed. Plus, they are quite versatile, intelligent, and easy to train.

The Morgan Horse

Their origin can be traced back to one stallion named Figure. In 1789, after the death of Figure’s owner, Justin Morgan, the rest of Figure’s bloodlines were named after Justin Morgan’s name, and this where the Morgan horses came into existence.

Most of the time, Morgan horses come in dark and solid colors like bay, chestnut, or black. But in some cases, they could also come in other less common colors like palomino, pinto, gray, dun, or roan.