Beginners Guide to Raising Turkey Chicks

Turkeys are wonderful birds to raise. They are large, majestic, and have a lot of uses. More and more homesteaders are beginning to raise turkeys. Check out this guide to get started on raising your own turkeys from chicks to adults

Why Should You Raise Turkeys?

* For Meat * For Eggs * Pest Control * Alarm or Security * As an exotic pet

The younger the turkey, the more protein it needs. This means that you need to provide the best quality of feed to your turkeys. At these young ages, the best feed for turkeys is processed feed.

Must-Have Items to Raise Turkey Chicks

* Heat Lamps * Bedding * Spot to Roost

In 6-7 weeks, your poults should be ready to go outside. As a general rule, you should wait until a third of your poults have developed their last feather before you take them out of the brooder.