Baby Chicks

"When it comes to buying baby chicks, there are many options available to suit almost any chicken fanciers needs.  Most of us fall victim to the utter cuteness of chirping chips during a trip to the local farm and garden or hardware store."

"Where to House Chicks Any place that is protected from extreme temperature changes, drafts and that is predator proof will work such as in the garage, on a covered porch, or in a chicken coop."

••• Choosing a Chick Brooder •••  My recommendation is to use what you have depending on the number of chicks. Triple secure your clamp, make sure there is a fire extinguisher handy and use a temperature switch if necessary.

••• Food and Water •••  Chicks need chick starter to grow properly. Adding chick grit after a couple of weeks is good as well.

Baby chicks are usually able to live outside in a chicken coop between 5-8 weeks old depending on temperature, housing environment, and the presence of adult feathers.