When Your Goat May Have Eaten/Been Exposed to Poison

Many veterinarians are faced with the phrase ‘I think that my goat has eaten poison’ or ‘I think that my goat has been exposed to poison.’

But, is goat poisoning that common?

Signs of Poisoning in Goats

Here is a list of some signs of poisoning: * Vomiting * Diarrhea * Loss of appetite * Salivation and repeated swallowing * Rapid breathing

Exposure to Poisons

There are many ways for a goat to be poisoned, one of them is their natural instinct to browse.  The prevention of the goat’s natural instinct to browse could cause it to consume a potentially harmful amount of a hazardous plant or chemical within its easy reach.

Types of Poisons

Poisons of goats can be categorized into two main categories: plant poisons and chemical poisons.

You should recognize different signs of goats’ poisoning and contact your vet immediately if you see those signs. Supportive treatment will be provided in most cases.

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