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Name Ideas

Owning chickens is one of the most rewarding experiences. Whether you are starting with just a few or a whole flock starter set, you’ll need awesome names for your girls. Naming one or two chickens isn’t hard but what if you have 15 or 20.

Abigail Amy Annabelle

Here are some ideas!

Chicken Names from Movies

Babs – from Chicken Run Bernadette – from Donald Duck Billina – from Return to Oz

Funny and Unique

Chicken Names

Baby Bubbles Candy Pop

Hen Names Honoring Famous Women

Amelia Egghart Atilla the Hen Dixie Chick

Food Names

For Your Chickens

Barbi Q Bon Bon Cashew

Names for Hens in Multiples

Cookies and Cream Flopsy and Mopsy Laverne and Shirley

Names for White Chickens




What will you name your chicken?