11 FunWays

to Play with Your Goat

"Goats are great pets. They won’t always be as interactive as a dog, but they’re also lower maintenance. Having a goat at home or on the farm will fill your days with a lot of fun."

"A fantastic way to play with your goat is to train them to do tricks. They can do a lot of things dogs can do, though, like give you a kiss, turn around in a circle, bow, and other fun tricks."

Train Your Goat

"Any goat you raise yourself will likely love to be touched and petted. Even better, you can give them a good brushing to make them fall in love with you even more."

Goat Yoga

"Goats can be a bit unpredictable, so if you’re going to take your goat on a hike for fun, you may want to do it during a low-traffic time of day or week to avoid people and other animals."

Take Your Goat on a Hike