5 Farm Animals that Love to Eat Fermented Barley

Something farmers and homesteaders enjoy is trying out new foods for their farm animals. One common feed supplement for farm animals is fermented barley.



Fermented barley has a lot of benefits to cows as you are not only feeding them the grains, but you are also feeding them with beneficial bacteria. This means that your cows can easily (and quickly) digest other types of food that you feed them with as they have more bacteria in their rumen.


Just like cows, goats are ruminants and enjoy eating fermented barley. You should give fermented barley to your goats as a treat because even though goats can eat as much fermented barley as you provide, it can be expensive to maintain an only-grain-ration for your goats.


Cows, goats, sheep, etc. are all ruminants. Instead of giving fresh or dry barley to your sheep, you should give them fermented barley because it is good for their stomachs.


Even though they are not ruminants, pigs can eat fermented barley. The most experienced farmers recommend feeding your pigs with one part fermented barley mixed with one part normally dried barley for the best result.