9 Facts

About Cicada Noise

If there were a list of the noisiest insect species, various cicada species would be very close to the top of that list. These insects of the Hemiptera order are known for their clicking and buzzing noises.

The sounds cicadas produce can be particularly earsplitting when many of them sing at the same time. These noisy insects produce sounds for a number of reasons and in different ways.

Cicadas typically make a lot of noise when they are trying to attract a mate. The noise they make may last over the entire summer season.

How Long Do Cicadas Make Noise?

One of the best ways to make cicadas quiet is to not discourage them from frequenting your garden. Cicadas are attracted to many items in a garden.

How to Make Cicadas Be Quiet

Adult cicadas usually make noise throughout their short life and stop when they die. They typically appear at the start of summer between June and August.

When Do Cicadas Stop Singing?