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"One of the best ways to make ramen more delicious and exciting is to add seasoning that highlights the flavor of the instant noodles without overpowering the original taste."

"Soy sauce is a great way to season ramen, making it taste more like something you'd find in a restaurant. There is a rich umami flavor to soy sauce that beats adding salt."

Soy Sauce

"Sesame oil is another terrific addition to a homemade pack of instant noodles. The oil is thick and coats the noodles to make them feel more substantial when you eat them."

Sesame Oil

"This may sound strange to some people, but folks in the United States love putting butter on their ramen noodles. Butter coats the noodles to create a richer flavor."


"Dried red chili pepper flakes also go very well with ramen noodles. Chili flakes offer a fast and easy way to add spice to the dish."

Chili Pepper Flakes