Go Bad or Expire?

"Ramen is one of the best food storage options out there. It has an incredibly long shelf life, and you can use the noodles in a host of different recipes."

"Ramen, like almost every other food item, has an expiration date. However, there is rarely any visible deterioration in instant noodles for months after they technically expire."

Does Ramen Go Bad or Expire?

"Normally, Ramen expiration dates are around two years from the manufacture date. That’s a long time, and Ramen can taste good even after expiration."

Ramen Shelf Life

"Most extra ramen after a meal goes in the trash because it’s notoriously hard to store once it’s cooked. The noodles soak up too much water or stock and become soft and soggy."

What to Do With Cooked Ramen

"Yes! You can freeze cooked ramen to make it last much longer than it would in the refrigerator."

Can You Freeze Cooked Ramen?