Do  You Run Faster Than a Cow?

On average, humans cannot run faster than cows, so you stand very little chance of outrunning one.

On average, a cow can cover approximately 328 feet in about 12.8 seconds. This equals to roughly 17 miles per hour (mph).

How Fast Do Cows Run?

How Fast Do Cows Walk?

On average, cows walk at a pace of 180 feet per min (2.05 mph). But they’ve been recorded to walk as fast as 2.11 mph.

How Fast Can a Human Run?

The average speed in humans is influenced by certain factors such as age, gender, fitness, and body size. Generally, adults 18-60 years old run between 6.2 mph and 8.7 mph.

What to Do If a Cow Is Running Toward You

You should be careful around cows because if they are angered, startled, or made to feel threatened, they can rampage and run individually or as a herd. While you can’t outrun a cow, there are some ways to manage if a cow is running toward you.