Do Wild Rabbits Bite?

(and 4 ways to catch one)

Wild rabbits do bite and can draw blood when they do so. While their speed and agility is their primary defense mechanism, if cornered a wild, scared rabbit can and will bite very hard.

Ways to Catch a Wild Rabbit

So what should you do if you come across a wild rabbit that is trapped or stuck and you need to pick it up to move it?

 Use a Net

A pool net, for example, is a nice, safe way to pick up a wild rabbit if necessary.

Using Your Bare Hands

Rabbits are fast, so you should grab the rabbit around the body if at all possible. Then, as quickly as you can, pick up the rabbit by the scruff of its neck.

What to Do with a Wild Rabbit

If you feel the area is not safe, you can either relocate the animal to a nearby wilderness area or contact a local wildlife rescue for further advice.