Do Quail Fly?

Quail can fly but will only do so if it is convenient for them. They have powerful wings but are not capable of enduring long flights.

When they do fly, they fly at a speed of up to 40 mph (64 kph) for about 100 yards (91 meters). Generally, they fly to escape predators or to roost in trees.

Quail are particularly vulnerable to attacks from other birds, snakes, and coyotes trying to steal their eggs or kill the chicks. Domestic and feral cats are the most significant natural hunters of these birds.

Quail are generally bred for their eggs or meat. Before you start making any plans on how to raise them, check the regulations in your area to see what the requirements are for keeping birds in your backyard for food and breeding purposes.

Quail is a wild game bird, so they should be fed a higher protein meal than chickens. Quail will not overeat, so they will not gauge themselves if there is extra food available.