7 Reasons Peacocks Make Good Pets and 7 Reasons Why They Don’t

Peacocks are one of the most exotic breeds of birds on the planet.

They have colorful, iridescent, fan-like feathers that make it hard for anyone not to notice them.

But, do peacocks make good pets?

7 Reasons Peacocks Make Good Pets

1. They Are Not Picky Eaters

Peacocks are not picky eaters, and they can eat a broad range of foods because they are omnivorous. Once their basic needs like feeding are met, they can thrive in any given environment, and they are easy to take care of.

2. They Can Be Affectionate

Peacocks can be affectionate to their owners. When a peacock is raised from an early age by humans, it may see those humans as its parents.

3. Peacocks Are Highly Adaptable

Peacocks will adapt to changeable weather and climates, despite their tropical and exotic appearance. You needn’t worry too much about peacocks having trouble with winter seasons and summer heat. It is also a well-known fact these birds can predict the weather.

4. They Are Beautiful

One obvious reason peacocks make good pets is the fact that they are beautiful. With their bold colors and mesmerizing tail feathers on the males, these birds are a wonderful sight to behold.