Do Ducks Pee?

A look at the Duck Excretory System

Ducks do not pee like mammals do, but just like a bird, ducks do excrete a urinary substance that is basically their way of peeing.

A duck’s excretory system is the system that removes any excess toxins and waste out of the fluids within the body. A duck, like other birds, has two kidneys that work hard to filter toxins and waste including uric acid from the animal’s blood.

Duck Excretory System

The easiest way to see if your ducks excretory system and kidneys are working properly is to glance at their excrement. If there is a white pasty substance mixed in, then things are probably working the way that they should.

Are Your Ducks Kidney’s Working Properly?

The wrong levels of nutrients in duck’s diet can lead to gout, uric acid issues, and kidney illnesses in ducks. Proper amounts of protein and Vitamin A, and phosphorus are vital for kidney health in ducks.

Vital Nutrients for Kidney Health in Ducks

It is important to always provide ducks with the water and proper feed they need so that they can thrive and grow without issues.