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Do Ducks Need Nesting Boxes?

Many new duck owners struggle to deciding whether their ducks need nesting boxes. Nesting boxes can provide ducks with a safe place to lay and keep watch over their eggs.

Duck nesting boxes should not be placed up high like chicken nesting boxes. Ducks prefer to have their nests on the ground or close to it.

Nesting Box Placement

Ducks will need a bedding material like straw or hay to give them a warm and comfortable place to rest their eggs.

Items to Put Inside a Duck Nesting Box

Don’t worry if your ducks refuse to use the nesting boxes you provide. There are a few things you can try to teach your ducks to use the nesting box instead.

Teach Your Duck to Use a Nesting Box

If you collect eggs daily, your ducks may decide that their nesting box is no longer safe. To prevent this ...

Suddenly Stop Using the Nesting Box?